WKNDR first formed in late 2015 when Jim and Ali, who played together in their church band, decided to venture out and expand their music horizons in a new group. They asked two friends to play along and performed at a local bonfire. The other two members ended up moving out of state soon after, but Jim and Ali continued on as a duo, playing around the Richmond area. In the summer of 2016, they added Adam Powell on the drums, allowing them to put a little more *rock* in *alternafolkrock.* WKNDR went through several more changes until bringing on their current lead guitarist, Elliot Johnson. 

WKNDR is known for their strong vocals and harmonies, varied instrumentation, new takes on old songs, and uplifting and inspiring originals. Their energy and clear enjoyment of their music make for a live show that keeps the crowd engaged and makes them leave with a smile. 



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Richmond, VA, USA

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