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WKNDR (pronounced "weekender") plays a style of music they like to call "alternafolkrock.” Fusing classical flute with iconic guitar riffs and rhythm-driven acoustic guitar, WKNDR plays original music and covers some of their favorite artists as well, like Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty, and Wilco.

WKNDR began in 2015 when Jim and Ali teamed up to perform as a duo. Adam came on as drummer after hearing them play at a gig and offered to join because their music “didn’t annoy him.” ;) The trio was tight and the band went through several iterations of a four-piece ensemble and back to a trio over several years. Elliot Johnson joined in 2019 to solidify the lineup and additionally brought his expertise in music theory and production to shape the group’s sound and music. Aaron Jonas started off as the band's "sound guy" in 2021 and got sucked in to play keys and bass so Ali and Elliot could hop on other instruments.

WKNDR began recording their first full-length album in 2019, a change after releasing singles before that in 2017 and 2018. After a delay because of COVID and a desire to maximize the potential of every song, the album dropped in April 2021! “RISING” features 10 original tracks and was mixed and produced by Elliot. As they’re known for doing, WKNDR’s music through RISING will make you just feel dang good and want to come back for more. More music to come in late 2023!

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